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Our animal product philosophy is about creating a joyfull day for every farmer and his animals

Our animal product philosophy is about creating a joyfull day for every farmer and his animals

Nordic grasslands

The main feed material for our NordicGrass feed is collected from legally protected areas where economic activities and the use of fertilizers or pesticides are prohibited. Nordic grasslands are astonishing in their diversity of flora and fauna, which makes it possible to always have raw materials with the greatest variety of nutrients that no herbal blend can offer in the usual way for farm crops.

Nordic grassland hay is a great forage for horses, ponies, and other animals. To meet the best and safest dietary requirements, our grass or hay is collected from natural grasslands at the appropriate time of maturation, ensuring low sugar, protein, and high raw fiber content to maintain healthy intestinal flora for optimal horse nutrition. The pelleting process or double compression procedure keeps the hay fresher for longer periods and preserves the color and robust aroma of our Nordic grasslands.

Feeding horses with feed based on raw materials collected in Nordic grasslands is a healthy and sustainable choice that provides excellent nutrition, encourages healthy eating habits, and supports the overall well-being of horses.



Horses around the world are enjoying a better life thanks to our plant fiber-based bedding and feeding products

Our products


We offer an unmatched opportunity for the right partners to be a very important part of our company and to enjoy personal success and prosperity. Becoming our business partner will enable you to take advantage of the ever-growing demand for high quality natural farming products and to enjoy a level of financial reward that comes from retailing our products. However, our retail opportunities are about much more than the products alone. We will make sure that from initial start-up you will have all the assistance that you will need to make your business a success. Providing the best quality products for the best basic price and quality ratio, we offer you and your customers the highest retail and service standards. To take the next step towards a future with us, simply contact us, and we will find the best solution for you.


Premium Rapsorb
Hay pellets

 Odour and toxin binder.

Essential oils added. Antiviral bactericidal and calming effect.

Super absorbent – absorbs up to 5 times its own weight, about 4 times more than wood shavings and up to 14 times more than conventional straw. Excellent ability to lock moisture inside the cells. Perfect choice for wet horses.

100% natural rapeseed (raps) straw – without any additives.

Bio-Gas source – the muck from horse stables with rapeseed straw is highly valued by bio-gas plants. Delivering a muck to the local bio-gas plant can even get you back some money.

Naturally bitter taste – horses and even ponies eat it rarely.

100% natural meadow hay – without any additives.

Includes up to 40 different herbs and grasses.

The most universal feeding on the market and suitable as basic feed, concentrated feed replacement or as a supplement to the grain ration.

Ideal as a basic feed for an old horses or even when teeth are missing.

Natural source of vitamins and trace minerals – healthier coat, skin and hooves.

High in raw fibre – helps to maintain healthy intestinal flora to ensure the optimal horse nutrition.

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