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Excellence in equine bedding – let your horse to live like no one else

Choosing of the right type of animal bedding is one of the most important things enhancing the quality of animal’s environment and wellbeing.

All types of our animal bedding products are produced from plant based and natural raw materials. Plant fibre-based animal bedding is very absorbent thanks to stem cell structure and advanced fibre treatment producing the product which creates clean, soft, and highly absorbent bed.

Animal bedding made from rapeseed, wheat and other plant fibre is fast becoming one of the most favourite and valuable bedding materials within farming professionals and amateurs due to its large list of benefits and advantages comparing to another types of animal bedding.

Halmeko rapsorb


Rapsstrohpellets pellets

Halmeko Vetsorb



halmeko granusorb


Zerkleinerte Strohpellets

chopped rapeseed straw

Gehaeckseltes rapssamenstroh/rapsstroh

chopped wheat straw

Gehaeckseltes stroh/geschrotetes weizenstroh


Premium Rapsorb

Premium RapSorb®

Rapsstrohpellets pellets 

Premium VetSorb®


Premium Granusorb

Premium GranuSorb®

Zerkleinerte Strohpellets

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